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Janette and JesperWe are Janette & Jesper, the voices behind, and founders of Microgreens Corner.

We started our microgreen journey by buying a microgreen kit which included everything we needed, from the equipment to the seeds and soil. We were completely amazed by the result and fell in love with this easy and quick way to produce our own superfood. Even our daughter started to eat all kinds of greens which was a great measure of success!

Growing microgreens is a great way to provide anyone with healthy food in an easy way. We strongly believe that microgreens are the future and it is no longer just a luxury to be enjoyed in restaurants, but something you can bring to your dinner table every day.

Taking the time to be involved in growing your own food makes a connection to it. It is such a great feeling to know that you have grown and harvested these microgreens which are jampacked with nutrition.

The idea of creating Microgreens Corner was to be able to share our passion for microgreens and to share everything we have experienced, failed and succeeded, researched and learned from. We hope that this site can create a platform for anyone seeking information on how to grow, harvest and enjoy this amazing food.

Janette & Jesper

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