Flax (Linum usitatissimum)

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Flax is more than super healthy seeds, it’s a beautiful flowering plant that you can also grow as microgreens! These microgreens will grow gorgeous white/green stems and green leaves.  


Flax microgreens are one of the more nutritious varieties, and they are cultivated from flax seeds. You use the same seeds as you would for growing the plant, but the result is different. After around ten days, you will be ready to harvest a beautiful 2-inch tall microgreen with white/green stems and small green leaves.

Growing period8-12 days
FlavorA nutty and earthy flavor
Growing difficultyEasy
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Flax is also known as linseed, and people are usually cultivating them for its seeds. Typically these small brown seeds are grounded into seed oil and used as a health supplement. They can also be eaten raw, toasted, added to a salad or smoothie, or used in the morning cereal. However, flax is also used for making linen. The fibers are turned into a refined textile that is soft and flexible, and you find it commonly in bedsheets, and table linen. 

Flax microgreens and full grown flower

The full-grown flax plant is a gorgeous blue flower, and the brown edible seeds are inside the dry capsules that hang on the plant. The seeds occur in two colors, brown or yellow. 

You can eat the flax seeds as they are, but you can also grow them as microgreens and turn them into a highly nutritious mini-plant!

The flaxseeds can be bought in most health stores. Ask for untreated and organic ones and you are sure you will get a healthy crop!


Flax microgreens are nothing short of goodness! The nutrition value of these microgreens is high. The flax seeds are famous for their health benefits as they contain a large quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, actually one of the richest sources known to man! They are also jampacked with fiber, thiamine, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.  

As microgreens, they are not less short of nutrition! They contain vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. You can almost tick off every nutrition in your health calendar!

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Flax microgreens are easy and quick to grow. After around 10 days you will have a beautiful a tasty crop to harvest and enjoy!

Growing timeline (estimated)
Preferred mediumSoil or coconut coir
Avg. seed weight (10/20 tray)1 oz
Germination period (blackout)Day 1-4
Growth time (sunlight)Day 5-7
HarvestDay 8-12

The seeds are brown and flat in shape, and they are mucilaginous, the same as the chia ones. It means that they create a jelly substance when they are exposed to water. You don’t have to pre-soak the seeds, you simply plant them as they are. 

Image of flex seeds and some full grown

To grow flax microgreen seeds, the best medium to use is either soil or coconut coir. For growing at home, using coconut coir is an excellent choice. It is organic, holds water very well, and importantly; is odorless and bacteria-free! It will help microgreens from developing mold and other diseases.

If you want to learn more about coconut coir, we have a complete article on the subject here!

Place a layer of soil or coconut coir in your container of choice and spread the seeds evenly across the tray. Give them a good mist of water and place the container in the dark for four days (for example in a cupboard). It’s what we refer to as the blackout period. During this initial phase, the seeds will start to germinate and grow yellowish stems with tiny leaves.

Around day 5, bring your container out in the light, and you will see the magic happen! Your flax microgreens will turn into green beautiful mini veggies! 

Microgreens continuously need water to grow, so remember to give your microgreens a good mist, twice a day. It goes for both the blackout phase (germination) and the light phase (growing). A good reference is to check in on them once in the morning and once in the evening. If the growing medium is still moist, it can be enough with only watering once a day. 

The flax microgreens are ready for harvest when they are a bit more than an inch in height. The stems have grown tall, and you can see the leaves have emerged. Some of the seed hulls may be left on the greens, and that is perfectly fine. They are edible.

To harvest, you can use a sharp knife or scissors and cut the stems close to the soil level. 


Flax microgreens can be eaten raw just after harvest! They make a great addition to salads, sandwiches, wraps, or put on top of your tacos! 

Another way to enjoy them is to mix in a smoothie. They make a great addition to fruits, so blend them with some forest fruit, strawberries, and bananas!

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