Why Are Microgreens So Popular? (Get The Answer)

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Why are microgreens so popular? If you usually eat salads and stir-fries, you will often see microgreens as a flavorful addition to dishes. But is there more to microgreens than just their flavors?

Microgreens are popular for their nutritional benefits. Most microgreens are healthier than full-grown vegetables. They are also a good source of profit because they are easy to grow and high in demand.

In the past, microgreens were merely used as a garnish. But now, they have become a staple for many dishes as they add a touch of healthy flavor. Many people are now beginning to grow their own microgreens at home, making these healthy garnishes a part of their daily life. 

But why are microgreens so popular? Here are the reasons:

They Add Flavor To Dishes

Microgreens may be tiny, but their stems pack flavor. These flavors are as strong and as vibrant as full-grown vegetables most of the time. 

Microgreens Are Nutritious

Seeds have a lot of nutrients within their tiny hulls to help them thrive until they reach a particular stage in their growth cycle. So, harvesting microgreens allows you to get some of those stored nutrients. In fact, microgreens are more nutritious than their full-grown vegetable counterparts.

Easy To Grow

Microgreens do not demand much effort to grow. You can simply sow them in the soil, keep the soil moist, and they will be ready in a few weeks. For this reason, you will have a healthy and flavorful garnish ready whenever you need it. The easy planting and growing process are some of the best reasons microgreens are so popular. 

Profit-Making Purpose

Another reason they are popular is to make a profit for businesses. Microgreens are among the most profitable crops a business can grow. They do not require much space, making them perfect for urban growers. 

Even if you use a small space, like a few containers, microgreens are relatively easy to grow. For this reason, you will have your crops ready for harvest and selling after a few weeks. 

Here are some excellent reasons why microgreens are an ideal business:

Low Startup Cost

You can start a microgreen business with only one or two trays 10″ x 20″ in size. Each tray will only cost approximately $2 for seeds and soil. 

Microgreens Grow Fast

Unlike mature greens, microgreens are so popular as they turn around fast. Some microgreens only take one week to grow, while others take four weeks at most. Since this crop grows fast, you will be able to scale up the production after every harvest. 

You Can Grow Microgreens Year-Round.

Unlike most crops, microgreens are not seasonal. For this reason, you can grow them any time of the year, making them an excellent source of consistent profit. Or you can grow them for yourself and boost your daily nutrition intake with these delicious greens.

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Why Are Microgreens Profitable?

A microgreen business does not take a considerable investment to start. However, it makes a consistent profit without you having to pay too much time in growing them. Even better, there is a fast expanding demand for microgreens. The culinary industry is using microgreens now more than ever. Even households add microgreens to their dishes for their nutritional benefits, adding up to the demand for these crops. 

If you are working full time, you can grow microgreens for extra income as they will not take much time to prepare.

What Is The Purpose Of Microgreens?

The original purpose of microgreens was merely to add a burst of flavor and color to various dishes. You would often see them added to salads, soups, and stir-fries. But now, people are consuming microgreens for their nutritional benefits. Most varieties contain rich amounts of:

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Magnesium

Additionally, microgreens are so popular as they pack with beneficial plant compounds, such as antioxidants and polyphenols. These nutrients are concentrated, meaning microgreens have higher vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than mature greens. So, from being vegetable confetti, today’s purpose of microgreens is to add nutrients to meals.

Microgreens started to enter the food market 20 years ago. It became popular when Californian chefs began adding them as garnishes to fine dining meals. This popularity continued to grow, making microgreens one of today’s most profitable crops. 

Additionally, microgreens are so popular that they have made a steady demand for them. In fact, the Global Microgreens Market said that the popularity and demand for microgreens will likely increase by 7.5 percent from 2020 to 2025. 

Moreover, North America is the leading market for microgreens. The increasing popularity of wellness-focused diets includes vegetable salads and organic-based food items. For this reason, North America’s demand for microgreens is increasing at a remarkable rate. (source)

What Are The Fastest Growing Microgreens?

There is no denying that microgreens are relatively easy to grow and care for. However, the growth time that microgreens need will depend on the type of vegetable that you planted. For instance, the fastest-growing microgreens are the ones that come from the brassica family.

That includes:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower 
  • Cabbage 


Broccoli microgreens taste like mild cabbage. They contain vitamin C, E, and a low amount of vitamin K. For this reason, broccoli microgreens are ideal for people who are treating kidney diseases. Even better, it only takes 9 to 14 days before you can harvest broccoli microgreens. 

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Cauliflower is another popular and fast growing microgreen. After 9-12 days of growing they are ready to be harvested and eaten. It has a high concentration of vitamins C, K and B6 and also contains fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

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Cabbage microgreens only take 10 to 14 days to grow. It detoxifies the blood, promotes good eye health, and removes toxins from the body.

What We Learned

Microgreens are so popular for their nutritional benefits. These crops contain more nutrients, polyphenols, and antioxidants than their full-grown counterparts. They also add a burst of flavor to dishes, making them a great addition to meals. 

But more than their nutritional value, microgreens are also a good source of income. These crops take only a little time and effort to grow, and you do not need a huge space to start. So, if you are a fan of microgreens, you can plant them at home instead of buying them from grocery stores.

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